When you are told you need surgery, the emotions and thoughts can be overwhelming. I know, because I’ve been through it a few times. However surgery shouldn’t be something you fear, dread or avoid. Surgery is a means to help you rectify things that may have broken or are not working optimally in your body. With my proven strategies and plans I’ll help you work through the fears you have and get you physically, mentally and emotionally prepared for your upcoming surgery. With your input we’ll create a plan that is personally tailored to your needs and lifestyle.


The day of surgery can be just as emotionally charged and scary as the day you were first told you needed an operation. Things like waiting to be admitted, arriving in a hospital ward and being worked up for the surgery are all things that can cause emotions, fears and mental stability to get out of control.

By preparing you for these events you will be less likely to let these things affect your emotional and mental state. However I am available to you on this day and during your entire hospital stay to provide support and techniques to ensure you have the best possible experience.


After surgery is when the really hard work begins. Yes, the problem you had has been physically solved or rectified, but now you have to recover and then retrain your body to work in the correct way. This can be a painful and strenuous process. It too can be emotionally, physically and mentally exhausting. I am here to help you develop a plan of action that keeps you accountable with easy to follow steps to make your recovery process an easier and happier experience. I will be here to offer you support and help your friends and family understand what it is you are experiencing so that they too can be part of your support team.