My Purpose (25 May 2009)

I believe that everyone on earth has a purpose. I’m not sure that everyone finds their purpose, but they do have one. For years, all my life in fact, I’ve wondered what my purpose was. I often felt that I was just using up the oxygen of people that were making a contribution to the world. I’ve questioned why I was alive, if I didn’t have any job to do or contribution to make, why was I even here? It wasn’t as though I hadn’t tried to find out what it was I was meant to ve doing. 

I certainly followed many paths to find the meaning of my life, but I always seemed to come to a dead end. It wasn’t until I was told that I was going onto the heart / lung transplant list that I finally realised what my reason for being was. I believe with all of my mind, body, soul and heart that I was put on this earth to go through the successful process of a heart / lung transplant so that I can share my experience with anyone willing to listen, so that it will help and inspire those that need it.