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Hi I'm Tina

I'm Tina B and I was born with heart disease, pulmonary hypertension and other problems. The outlook for my future wasn't a positive one. My parents were told that if I managed to live to be a teenager it would be a miracle. I am now well passed my teens and living an incredible life! As the longest living survivor in Africa to have had a heart and bilateral lung transplant, I have looked death in the eye and defeated it! With my proven strategies we can get you to your most incredible life too!
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  • Tina is the embodiment of a true survivor and is an amazing role model to so many. Whilst struggling on my own with two kids and in the process of moving to a whole new country she has helped me to stay sain and visualize the good times ahead and embrace it with everything. She is always so positive and picks you up when you having a really crap day. I owe a lot to Tina for how she has help me keep it all together during a very trying time in my life. xx

    Jessica Lee Audouin
  • Wow where do I start this phenomenal woman has changed my life so much she has given me so much Hope #longestliving Heart and bilateral lung transplant recipient in SA when i was left alone and felt like my world was crashing down on me Tina B showed me that there is Hope that i'm not alone that miracles do happen yes every day, thank you for being apart of my life and helping me every step of the way I wouldn't have been able to be so confident if it were not for your advice and assistance throughout. GOD BLESS YOU, LOVE YOU LOTS

    Marilyn Moodley Rampersad
  • This lady is amazing. I'm not someone who opens up quickly about anything that bothers me, but Tina just had a way of helping overcome and understand what it was that I needed to work on. Tina thank you for being there and still supporting me. Will definitely recommend her to anyone.

    Lize-Mari Smit

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